Daysy does not equate contraception! We help you to determine exactly WHEN you have to use contraception.

Daysy -The fertile days calculator that fits into your pocket


Discover how easy natural family planning can be!

Natural family planning refers to taking your daily temperature in order to determine your fertile days, to then consciously prevent or induce a pregnancy by acting accordingly. How can you determine your fertile days? Daysy is a highly developed fertile days calculator. Calculating your fertile days with Daysy is comfortable, quick and 99,4% accurate. Natural family planning does not get any easier than that!

The most important element of self-determined birth control is knowledge: Knowing when you are fertile. Daysy helps you to figure this out with precision and leaves it up to you to decide whether to abstain from sex on your fertile days, or whether to opt for a barrier method such as a condom or a diaphragm to prevent a pregnancy. Natural family planning with Daysy is 100% natural, free of hormones and without side-effects. Daysy does not interfere with your natural female rhythm one bit.

Fertile days calculatorFertile days calculator

Fertile days calculator Daysy: Take your temperature in 60 seconds

One of Daysy's big advantages is its high precision test prod that takes your basal temperature in under 60 seconds. Measure in the morning while you are still in bed and have your fertility status be determined with 99,4% accuracy. This high degree of safety would not be possible without Daysy's unique algorithm, built from the knowledge of 5 million recorded and analyzed cycles. More than 30 years of research and development have gone into making it. You can benefit from all that every day when you are using Daysy.


Compact design and clear color display

Daysy is not only quick in taking your temperature, it also displays the result quickly and clearly. Simple as a traffic light! Red light means you are currently fertile and green light means infertile. When the red light is blinking, you are ovulating. If Daysy is showing you a yellow light, it means that she is still getting to know your cycle or that your cycle might be somewhat irregular. Just treat the yellow days like red days and you are on the safe side.

You will be excited to see how small Daysy is: The device will fit into your smallest bag, even the pocket of your pants. It is hardly bigger than a conventional thermometer. If you are after more information regarding your cycle than is displayed on the device, you can additionally install the free app DaysyView on your smartphone. DaysyView gives you an overview of your current cycle data, lets you study your temperature curve and check out a prognosis of next month's fertile and infertile days.

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Daysy is a fertility tracker that uses the fertility awareness method by learning and tracking your menstrual cycle.

Daysy is a fertility tracker that uses the fertility awareness method by learning and tracking your menstrual cycle.

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