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February 2017

Dr. Jolene Brighten, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Jolene Brighten, Naturopathic Doctor 02/28/2017

Does Fertility Awareness Method Work?

Before we dive in I want to say this — many people, including doctors, are quick to dismiss this method, claiming that women are too lazy or too easily confused by their own bodies to successfully use this method.

I disagree.

My experience is that women are motivated to understand their body and prevent pregnancy. And I would argue that the only person who truly understands your body is you. Instead of dismissing women, doctors should be teaching them how their body works and the signs and symptoms of healthy hormones.

December 2016


cycledork 12/27/2016


As I mentioned in part 1 of my review I’m not generally interested in new technological devices. The “newest thing” is generally about making money by selling people technologies that they don’t need. After reading about Daysy and then trying it myself, I can honestly say that in my opinion Daysy is different. Daysy is designed to empower the consumers (women) by helping them to understand their own bodies and their own power.

November 2016


PCMag 11/17/2016

Trying to Conceive? 7 High-Tech Fertility Monitors to Try

For at least the length of recorded history, humans have been attempting to plan and prevent pregnancy. From the practice of drinking lead in hopes of preventing pregnancy in ancient China, to dumping water on women to boost fertility in Hungary, there's always some wives' tale circulating about how women can harness their reproductive cycle.

Kelly Brogan, MD

Kelly Brogan, MD 11/03/2016

The Pill and Your Mood

What if I told you that a product is available that can interfere with your hormones to the extent that your daily and monthly rhythms are no longer operational? And because you will no longer have functional brain to ovary signaling, you will likely avoid conceiving if you have sex during what would otherwise have been your 6 fertile days a month. Of course this product’s hormonal effects also leave you with the sense that everything is stable and predictable which is something like turning the white noise up so loud that you don’t hear your own baby crying.

October 2016

The Culture Trip

The Culture Trip 10/12/2016

The Pill May Be Wrecking Your Health

It has revolutionized women’s sexual and reproductive agency – but the birth control pill has a dark side. In light of a recent study linking the tiny tablet to depression, we explore the potential health fallout for a generation who came of age during a hormonal contraceptive boom.

The Guardian

The Guardian 10/03/2016

The pill is linked to depression - and doctors can no longer ignore it

A newly published study from the University of Copenhagen has confirmed a link between hormonal contraceptives and depression. The largest of its kind, with one million Danish women between the ages of 15 and 34 tracked for a total of 13 years, it’s the kind of study that women such as me, who have experienced the side-effects of birth control-induced depression first hand, have been waiting for.

September 2016

BravoTV - Manzod With Children

BravoTV - Manzod With Children 09/18/2016

Daysy makes her Prime Time TV debut in the USA!

Lauren Manzo Is Ready to Have a Baby!
And has bought everything she needs to help get this process going.


cycledork 09/13/2016

I’ve never been one to get all excited about the latest technological gadgets. It took me forever to get an iPhone and my laptop is six years old (and still works great by the way thank you!). So when I first heard about Daysy a year or so ago I wasn’t particularly interested.

April 2016


MercatorNet 04/27/2016

The rise and rise of natural family planning

All the way back in 2010 Laura Wershler, executive director of Sexual Health Access Alberta (formerly known as Planned Parenthood Alberta), lamented the lack of knowledge in her field regarding natural family

March 2016

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette 03/04/2016

From Birth Control to Body Literacy: The Power of the Pro-Period Movement
Ricki Lake, Abby Epstein & Holly Grigg-Spall
The technology industry has stepped up where the pharmaceutical industry has failed to offer anything more than variations in delivery of the same synthetic hormone-based treatments.

October 2015

Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green 10/31/2015

The Pill Almost Ruined My Marriage. Here's What I Wish More Women Knew About Hormonal Birth Control
Author, Holly Grigg-Spall, shares why she got off the pill and started using daysy.


GreenMedinfo 10/27/2015

Natural Birth Control as Effective as the Pill
With evidence mounting of the adverse effects of the birth control pill and hormonal contraceptives, women are ditching the drugs in droves and searching for a natural alternative that can equal the pill in effectiveness and convenience.

July 2015

marie claire

marie claire 07/10/2015

Coming Off The Pill: What Are The Alternatives?

Are you and the pill over? You’re done with its crap - the weight gain, the hormonal spikes and the increased risk of breast cancer - and after a long-term relationship you’ve decided it’s time for you to seek out a change for your own good. Whatever. You’re over it. But what are you going to do now? Like a newly single lady, you need to assess your options and move on. You need to find out what is out there and see what you’ve been missing.

Natural Family Planning

Log into any apps account and type in the words period tracking and you’ll be faced with an abundance of apps – such as Daysy, Wink and ONDO - that will help you keep an eye on whether you’re meant to be ‘on’ or not. These, as well as a high-tech thermometer that promises to calculate your chances of getting pregnant are becoming the new fangled ways to keep on top of your cycle and potentially prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Harking back to forms of Natural Family Planning (or the ‘rhythm method’) can help track your fertility.

Good for you if: you’re up for keeping a daily record of your fertility signals (e.g. temperature, fluids coming from your cervix) and you have time to learn as it can take up to six menstrual cycles to be fully up to scratch with this method.

April 2015

Focus Online

Focus Online 04/23/2015

Verhütung? Ja, aber bitte natürlich!

Hormonelle Präparate zur Empfängnisverhütung gibt es zur Genüge, doch leider haben viele von ihnen Nebenwirkungen. Wer regelmäßig die Pille nimmt, muss sich gegebenenfalls mit Kopfschmerzen, Depressionen, Übelkeit und gar Libidoverlust herumschlagen.

February 2015

Focus Online

Focus Online 02/18/2015

Welche Methode der Verhütung ist natürlich und sinnvoll?

Viele Frauen muten ihrem Körper einiges zu, um eine ungewollte Schwangerschaft zu vermeiden. Darunter leidet oft nicht nur die Gesundheit, sondern auch das Liebesleben. Eine natürliche Verhütung wirkt sich hingegen in der Regel nicht negativ aus.