Calculating fertile days with the calendar method?

Discover the advantages of Daysy and the practical fertility app DaysyDay!

Have you settled for natural family planning and would like to use the calendar method? Then be advised that this method is quite inaccurate and not recommended by experts. Why? Because your cycle can change at any time: Just a little bit of stress at work or a small flu can lead to errors in your calculation without you even noticing it. Calculating your fertile days with the calendar method basically only makes sense when you want to get pregnant anyway and don’t care how quickly you conceive. In this case, you can estimate your fertile days with the help of a personal fertility calendar and use this interval for unprotected sex.

Fertility calendarFertility calendar

Daysy gives you high accuracy!

In order for Daysy to be able to calculate your fertile days as precisely as possible, you have to use it every morning before you get out of bed. All you need to do is take your basal temperature by placing the device's test prod underneath your tongue and waiting until you hear a signal sound. The measurement takes only 60 seconds! After that, Daysy might ask you to confirm via the push of a button that you are currently on your period, before displaying your current fertility status with a colourful light.

A red light means that you are currently fertile/possibly fertile and can become pregnant through unprotected sex. A green light means that you are currently not fertile. A yellow light indicates that Daysy is still getting to know you or that your cycle is currently irregular. The algorithm first needs to acquaint itself with you and your cycle. Simply treat the yellow days like red days and you might succeed in boosting your chances for a quick conception.

Calculate your fertile days: have an overview with Daysy's fertility calendar

But Daysy offers you even more: With the practical fertility app "DaysyDay" for your smartphone, you can keep an eye on your current fertility calendar and access a convenient preview of the next month. The preview is also ideally suited to plan activities for when you do not want to be having your period, such as going swimming or doing certain types of exercise. "DaysyDay" also displays your temperature curve. Beyond that you can take notes in Daysy's fertility app and record, for instance, the times you have had sex. If you want, you can also share this calendar with your partner.

Daysy - Your personal fertility tracker (incl. app DaysyDay)
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Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.