Planning Pregnancy in the time of Covid-19

Pregnancy is a stressful and challenging time. There are major life, emotional and physiological changes that come in the planning and preparation for birth. In the times of the pandemic that we are experiencing with Covid 19, pregnancy can be especially challenging. Pregnant women are known to be medically vulnerable during pregnancy due to changes in their immune systems and should take extra precautions in the same way that other medically vulnerable patients are being advised to do by medical practicioners.

Daysy_Joe+CameronIG-150.jpgPlanning Pregnancy in the time of Covid-19

Current medical research seems to indicate that there is no maternal-fetal transmission, but their is limited data available to support this. The Covid-19 has not been found in amniotic fluid or in breast milk. All this lack of data on the impact of Covid-19 on pregnancy adds to the uncertainty for couples planning pregnancy at such times, and the stress of pregnancy that is difficult even under normal conditions. The clear advice is for medically vulnerable people to take extra precautions.

What is important advice from the medical healthcare advisors is to ensure that couple discuss in advance what is their plan and agree it with their loved ones, family and pre/post-natal caregivers. Self isolation can lead to changes in the preparation for the birthing process and the access to clinics and healthcare facilities. The key is to try and take over control of how you wish your pregnancy to develop as a birth plan such as home birth in such challenging times. Alternatively, good family planning could be a step to prepare for delaying pregnancy to a later stage where the current volatile situation is clearer.


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