Family planning

Plan a baby with Daysy: simple, natural and time-saving!

Put your plan for a baby into action! Daysy supports you in your natural family planning and calculates your fertile days for you.

This is how easy it is: You take your basal temperature every morning while still in bed. Simply put Daysy's highly sensitive test prod underneath your tongue and wait for the signal. After only 60 seconds, the measurement is finished. Daysy might still ask you to confirm that you currently have your period. And that’s it! Right away, Daysy displays your fertility status.

A red light means that you are currently fertile/possibly fertile and can become pregnant through unprotected sex. A green light means that you are currently not fertile. A yellow light indicates that Daysy is still getting to know you or that your cycle is currently irregular. The algorithm first needs to acquaint itself with you and your cycle. Simply treat the yellow days like red days and you might succeed in boosting your chances for a quick conception.

Family planningFamily planning

Family planning - know the right timing

Many women do not want to leave it to chance whether they will have a baby. Daysy is the same! Daysy calculates your fertile days in order to allow you to make optimal use of your chances for a pregnancy during every cycle. There is obviously no guarantee for quick conception, because your body will decide for itself when it is ready for it. Even if you have regular sex on your fertile days, it can take months for you to get pregnant. Please do not be disappointed if it does not immediately work out as planned.

The most important prerequisite for quick conception is to have sex on your fertile days. But additional factors also play a role: One of the sperms has to succeed in reaching the egg and breaking through its outer layer. Because this will not always work out, fertilisation will not always take place. In other cases, fertilisation takes place but the fertilised egg does not get nested in. This can have several causes that do not necessarily have to do with your fertility or that of your partner. Just be patient: Physical reasons are rarely the cause for why it takes longer for some couples.

DaysyDay App - the ideal support for your family planning

Sometimes it is necessary to schedule sex during fertile days. Even if this strikes you as rather unromantic, conditions beyond your influence may require it, for instance, if you already have a child that is making demands on your time as a couple, if your working schedules are very different, or if one of you is away from home during the week. Daysy will also assist you in planning when you have sex: the practical app DaysyDay has a preview function that displays your fertile days in the upcoming month. After using Daysy for a couple of months, this preview will be very accurate. This way, if you want to have a baby, you can take your time and really make use of the fertile time together. It gets more important to plan and schedule if your partner's sperm survive less long or are slower. In this case, the window during which you can get pregnant is reduced to a few days.

Take it into your own hands with Daysy and know your fertility status! Daysy will be your reliable assistant in family planning during each and every day.

Daysy - Your personal fertility tracker (incl. app DaysyDay)
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Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.


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