How do we protect your data?

We, M.I.S.S. GmbH, Breite 2, 82418 Murnau, Germany, are the EU distribution partner of Valley Electronics AG. Valley Electronics AG is the manufacturer of the fertility tracker Daysy and the provider of the smartphone app DaysyDay. As a Swiss company, we take data protection seriously and comply with the data protection regulations of the European Union.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Data protection and full transparency for our users.
  • Data encryption and pseudonymization on our servers.
  • We do not sell, share, or profit from your data.

We would like to summarize the most important points of our privacy policy to show you which data we store and for what purpose.

As a basic principle, no personal customer data is stored without explicit consent. Any data that we store for you occurs as a result of your direct action.


As part of the order process, only the data required for processing your order on our website (such as address and payment information) is used, and only for this purpose. For tax reasons, the data is archived, and then destroyed after the legal retention period.


Your data, such as basal body temperature, menstruation and ovulation, is stored inside Daysy and used only there to calculate your fertility. This personal space is only for you. Automatic data comparison with our server is not required for this calculation and therefore does not take place.


You can actively transfer data from Daysy to the DaysyDay smartphone app. This data is only processed in order to display your cycles and statistics.

In order to transfer this data, it is necessary for you to use our servers. Since we know how sensitive this data is, it is transferred in an encrypted and pseudonymized format to our servers within the European Union, and stored there.

This means that even if unauthorized third parties were to gain access to the servers, it is not possible for your data (basal body temperature, menstruation, ovulation, fertility status) to be assigned to a specific person, due to the encryption and pseudonymisation. This special protection is very important to us. 

Customer Support

If you contact us with a question and actively send us your data to process an inquiry--for example, when you request a cycle analysis by our experts-- you can be sure that your data will only be used within the scope of this specific inquiry.  


As you can see, we have no interest in using your data for advertising purposes or collecting your data in a manner which is not relevant to our product. As a matter of course, we do not want to process any data for resale.


Privacy policy

You can find further legally binding information about our website at and about the smartphone app DaysyDay at