The period calculator Daysy: calculating your fertility made easy

With Daysy you know your daily fertility status - and whether you need contraception

The period calculator Daysy is the ideal support for a hormone-free life in unison with your natural, female cycle. Daysy calculates your fertile and infertile days within the blink of an eye – and with an accuracy of more than 99%. Simple, quick and comfortable. In combination with the free app DaysyView, you always have an eye on your cycle data and can plan your free time activities and time for romance in comfortable accordance with your personal rhythm.

Calculating your fertile days with the period calculator Daysy is particularly simple and time-saving: All you have to do is take your morning basal temperature before getting up. The measurement takes only 30 to 60 seconds and is done underneath your tongue while you are still lying in bed. Daysy automatically records the result for you. Now all she needs is for you to confirm if you are currently menstruating. Then you’re done! The result is displayed right away via a distinct colourful light.

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Use contraceptives only when required thanks to the period calculator

The biggest advantage of period cycle calculators is that they allow you to use contraception only when required: Only when you are currently fertile and want to have intercourse. On your infertile days, you can avoid contraceptives with a good conscience. You can rely on Daysy's unique algorithm that calculates your fertile and infertile phases.

30 years of research and development as well as 5 million evaluated female cycles were necessary for the creation of this algorithm. The software Daysy uses for its calculation has been proving itself in the many years it has been serving the LadyComp. It enables Daysy to offer you the combination of a high level of safety in calculating your fertility and a very simply and time-saving application.

Daysy: modern technology, compact design, convenient app

In addition to Daysy's highly developed technology, a lot of thought has gone into her slender and compact design. Daysy is not much larger than a conventional thermometer and will accompany you wherever you go. But the period calculator Daysy still offers more: With the convenient and free app DaysyView, you can always keep an eye on your cycle data. Just install the app on your smartphone and synchronise it with Daysy.

DaysyView gives you insights into your temperature curve or simply keeps you updated about your current cycle. The convenient preview function additionally enables you to adjust your (love) life to your natural female rhythm. Plan your free time activities such as going to the pool when you know your period will not constrict you, and reserve time with your partner during your infertile phase.

Daysy offers you the opportunity to live and love in harmony with your body. Time-saving, comfortable, modern and accurate. Discover all of Daysy's advantages now!


The new Daysy - Your personal fertility tracker
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Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your very own menstrual cycle.