When is the best time to get pregnant?

Determine the best days to get pregnant with the fertility calculator Daysy in the blink of an eye!

Lots of advice, aides and supplements exist that are supposed to support a quick conception. But regardless of the benefits of all these methods, only one thing is really important: knowing when you can get pregnant. All supporting measures yield nothing when there is no egg that can be fertilized. Because every woman only ovulates once in every cycle, there is only one chance per cycle to get pregnant. So the question „Which are the best days to get pregnant?“ is a very important one. The better you can answer this question for yourself, the bigger your chances are to get pregnant.

This means that if you want to conceive quickly, you should try to find out when is the best time to get pregnant. Daysy can help you there: Daysy is a highly modern fertility calculator that determines your fertile days for you. Daysy's algorithm has been used for many years and proven itself with thousands of women. The software draws recourse to the knowledge of five million evaluated cycles and all it needs from you for its calculation is your morning temperature and the entering of your period. The specifics of the female cycle and the fact that every woman can only get pregnant during precise days form the basis for Daysy's calculations.

When ist the best time to get pregnant?When ist the best time to get pregnant?

When can a woman get pregnant?

In principle, sex can only lead to pregnancy during a few days of the cycle. The egg itself can only be fertilised during 12 to 18 hours. If no sperm manages to break through the protective layer of the egg, then no conception takes place and the egg is discarded with the next period bleed. But because sperm can survive inside the uterus or the fallopian tubes for several days, the days prior to ovulation are also fertile days. Sperm usually stay alive for three to five days.

The question „When can a woman get pregnant?“ can thus be answered as follows: When a woman has unprotected sex on the day of ovulation or up to five days prior to it, there is a chance for conception. During all other days, she is not fertile. The cycle can roughly be divided into a fertile phase of approximately one week and three infertile weeks. Once the fertile period has passed, the chance to become pregnant does not arise again until the next cycle.

When is the best time to get pregnant for me?

Daysy shows you every day whether you are currently fertile. But Daysy can do even more: On the practical app "DaysyDay" for your smartphone, you can see a preview of next month’s fertility. This way, you know in advance which days of the next month will be the best days to get pregnant. This preview is not 100% exact, but it lets you plan your activities and schedule time alone with your partner. You will enjoy knowing when you can get pregnant: It lets you calculate ahead when your baby would be born, if everything works out as planned.

Please do not be too disappointed should you not get pregnant immediately. Despite the fertility calculator Daysy’s very high accuracy in determining the best time to get pregnant, and even when you have regular sex on your fertile days, it can take months to get pregnant. Sperm are not always successful at entering the egg. At other times, the fertilised egg does not succeed in nestling in. This has nothing to say, but is a process designed by nature. If you keep „trying“ and no physical factors hinder it, you will soon succeed in getting pregnant. If you have doubts, consult your gynaecologist for advice.

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